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Thank you folks again!! Things are heating up on the West Coast alright...

Mother Earth is about to drop their New Album, "G'day!"

Yes around the world a warm WELCOME to all... fab that you're here too!!

You Multi-genre rock, as you know!!  ;))  Thank You! 
All started on Earth Day 2021, with the album release of 2 SIDES TO EVERY STORY. Together with our 1st video single, "Change Your Mind".

What a great combination folks, it turned out to be... Shook those groove conscious minds alright xox putting the band on the map too. "Sweet Little Lies", following as the catchy-rock-groove 2nd single, groovy choice!  Reactions occurred !! Opening the doors to our 3rd single/video,"The Loving Way"... xxx and 3 more singles followed. Seven all up actually, Cantina/Rose was a double... xx  All these from   

2 SIDES TO EVERY STORY... our fab debut album!!

Check it out here!  ( HERE is also where 15% of all proceeds go to One World Charities folks! All music and merchandise alike... Yes buy and come back... with hugs and a big THANK YOU!! ;)  


Now meet the band... MOTHER EARTH is:

Daniel Fabiano - (lead vocals, drums, harmonies, percussion, some keys)

Tom Felicetta - (bass)

Aaron Wilson - (piano, keys, brass, lead and back-up vocals)

Dianne Wright - (lead and back-up vocals)

Morgan Gordon - (lead and back-up vocals)

Byron Fry - (lead guitars, acoustics, dobro, mandolin, back-up vocals)

Sam Girardi - (lead guitars & acoustics)

special guests:

 Fren Asken (acoustic guitar)

Louis Metoyer (lead gtrs)

Randy Ray Mitchell (acoustic & electric guitars)

Andrew Martin - (acoustic & electric guitars)

Kitty Harlo - (lead and back-up vocals)

Niki Washington - (lead and back-up vocals)

Ramona DuBarry - (back-up vocals)

Ali Bock - (back-up vocals)


James Lascelles - (melodica, back-up vocals and keys in the UK.)

with the late great Michael Sherwood, on orchestrations, keys and piano…

(Always with us mate! xx)

So... "legend has it, not so long ago, not so far away... Mother Earth flies to Los Angeles looking for some Rock/Soul/Blues/Gospel/Latin/Radio... she hears the music at a gig... rings true... backstage meets the singer n' says,
"Hey kid, I like your style - how about we do something together?" and was born, yeah baby 2 SIDES TO EVERY STORY on... ;) 

Check the album  Dig it too... become a sponsor... like & support... 

music lives graciously.  Thank You!!

LoLove M.E.

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 Thx see you soon!
Gracias chicos, nos vemos ME!


Mother Earth Band GIVES BACK!

15% of all profits from This Website go to 

One-World Charities... all supporting a better world.

 VacationLand Music and Mother Earth, give back through their One-World Charities Foundation - sponsoring such great causes as, Doctors Without Borders -  Save The Children Fund - Amnesty International - The Smile Train - Greenpeace - Environmental Defense Fund - PETA - Music-Cares Foundation - ASPCA,  and many more!!


Thank you so much for supporting what Mother Earth is all about, and of course enjoying the songs & music!!  Please keep coming back for more, and see you soon too, on this road... lol from M.E. band.


Help Us Give Back...

Gives Back - Charity


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